We believe that learning provides a better future for everyone

3DC Learning works with Employers, Training Providers and Learners to deliver success. We supply customised programmes designed to improve the skills of unemployed and employed learners who want to enhance their employability and career development.

Our approach

We see each individual learner as unique with a different set of needs, skills and aspirations and our multitude of partnerships with different learning providers gives us access to an array of training opportunities that will suite each individual learner and help them to achieve their own hopes and aspirations.

Linking Learners with Employers

Our partnership arrangement with 3Dchange and the London Jobs Fairs provides us with excellent opportunities to introduce our learners to an array of employers spanning an array of sector and functions.

Our History

3DC Learning sprung from 3D Change who are the architects of the London Jobs Fairs
and Procurement Opportunities in Social Housing
programme which is centred around making a social impact.

3D Changes long history of partnership working with housing associations, local authorities, community groups
and training providers identified the need to assist people into the right training and development which created 3DC Learning.

Our Values

We believe in the individual and that transforming lives through training and development will help people into employment.

Learners. We learn to help every learner with the skill and confidence to get the opportunity they want,
providing better access to more opportunities and pathways to help them on their journey into employment.

Community. We believe that if local business are thriving then they ca create jobs which in turn creates
lower unemployment levels and provides more opportunities for our local communities.

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Offering a wide range of courses to help learners develop new skills or build on existing ones.

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